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 The Moose Lake Spa Screen

    SpaScreen was named a "Top 50 Product for 2008" by Pool & Spa News, the industry's leading trade publication.

The Moose Lake The revolutionary SpaScreen is the first true wind and privacy spa screen made!  Retractable privacy and wind screen for hot tubs        
With the SpaScreen's auto-tension system, your spa screen will stay flat, even, and effective on one or multiple side of your hot tub...

Benefits of the SpaScreen:

  • Complete privacy

  • Protection from wind and cold

  • Universal mount system fits virtually any spa*

  • Extends and rewinds in seconds

  • Constructed from 100% weather resistant materials

  • Proudly made in North America

  • Increase the season and use your spa all year long!



With universal mounting options, the SpaScreen will fit almost any spa*.  All kits include everything you need, and SpaScreens can easily be installed on multiple sides of any spa to create a comfortable, private oasis!

This image shows 2 SpaScreen kits and an optional CK1000 corner kit to create a perfect corner installation.

Click here to view the SpaScreen Compatibility Guide.

Click here to view the SpaScreen Installation Guide.

The SpaScreen wind and privacy screen for hot tubs will create one season… no matter where you live, it will be spa season all year long!


SpaScreen goes well beyond an ordinary spa screen… it improves the spa atmosphere by creating a private, calm oasis in your hot tub.

Wind and Privacy Screen Options

Options abound on how you can install the SpaScreen... and you can cover multiple sides.  The SpaScreen is designed to fit on any spa*, and there's a color that matches your needs.  Add a SpaScreen on any side you have a nosy neighbor or prevailing wind.


Simple design rolls up quickly for out of the way storage.  Simple auto-retracting design allows for storage in seconds.

All components are designed with ease of use and durability in mind.  All Moose Lake products are made with pride in the United States.


With the simple, universal design the SpaScreen is highly adjustable.

SpaScreen is a simple to use, effective and inexpensive alternative to gazebos, fences or shrubbery.  It’s  also a retractable spa screen, so the weather resistant material last a long time and stows easily onto a single pole.  Try rolling up your gazebo!

Spring loaded units retract with ease and can be stowed on the spa or off using the included SpaScreen protective pouch

The SpaScreen stows easily in the included weather resistant pouch.        

The SpaScreen can add to your spa season and keep you out of site of neighbors, out of the cold seasonal winds, and enjoying your investment for a whole new season!

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Are there alternatives to SpaScreen?  You bet!


Alternative solution:

Benefits of SpaScreen:


·  Much lower cost

·  No permits needed

·  Open top for nighttime stargazing, but will work with umbrellas designed for spa use

·  Deploy only as needed, does not block view when not in use


·  Much lower cost

·  No permits needed

·  Deploy only as needed, does not block view when not in use


·  Sets up in seconds… no waiting for barrier to grow big enough to screen spa from wind or prying eyes.

·  Deploy only as needed, does not block view when not in use

Wooden lattice

·  Lower cost

·  No anchor posts or frames required

·  SpaScreen rolls up when not in use for simple compact storage!

Use spa only when conditions permit.

·  Why waste $Thousands on a nice outdoor spa, only to use it when conditions are perfect?  How often does that happen? 

Create your own private spa oasis with SpaScreen!


* Because there are a large number of Spa cover lifts and accessories, the SpaScreen may not work with all configurations.  SpaScreen is not compatible with Hot Springs spas with integrated Hot Springs cover lifter systems.  SpaScreen will work on Hot Springs spas with other cover lifters (i.e. CoverMate, Cover Butler, etc.) as per the SpaScreen Compatibility Guide  You can also review our SpaScreen compatibility guide, here.  If you have a concern about whether you can capitalize on the benefits of a SpaScreen, feel free to contact us... we're here to help.