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Shown here doing what it does best, the SpaScreen creates an oasis in the middle of Winter!  SpaScreen is a simple to use, effective and inexpensive spa screen alternative to gazebos, fences and shrubbery! 
Hot Tub Spa Privacy Screens




Retractable privacy and wind screen for hot tubs and spas.
Our spa screen turns your spa into an all-season oasis...

Hot Tub SpaScreen was named a "Top 50 Product for 2008" by Pool & Spa News, the industry's leading trade publication.

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Hot Tub SpaScreen

The revolutionary SpaScreen is the first true wind and privacy spa screen made!TM






    The Hot Tub SpaScreen is a unique, self-retracting spa screen that changes the way you use your hot tub!

Benefits of the Hot Tub Spa Screen:

  • Complete privacy for your hot tub spa

  • Protection from wind and cold

  • Universal mount system fits virtually any hot tub spa*

  • Extends and rewinds in seconds

  • Constructed from 100% weather resistant materials

  • Proudly made in North America

  • Increase the season and use your spa all year long!

  • The retractable Hot Tub Spa Screen is a simple to use, effective and inexpensive alternative to gazebos, fences and shrubbery...

* Because there are a large number of Spa cover lifts and accessories, the SpaScreen may not work with all configurations.  SpaScreen is not compatible with Hot Springs spas with integrated Hot Springs cover lifter systems. SpaScreen will work on Hot Springs spas with other cover lifters (i.e. CoverMate, Cover Butler, etc.) as per the SpaScreen Compatibility Guide  You can also review our SpaScreen compatibility guide,
here.  If you have a concern about whether you can capitalize on the benefits of a SpaScreen, feel free to contact us... we're here to help.